The theme seems clear

This master piece is called The Mass Meeting. I just wanted to paint something with a kind of blood red colour. So, I made the background with red. Then I was painting or mixing colour for something else and ended up with this extra dark purple colour and decided to use it on this red painting. I then toped the purple with white. Of course I had to make a planet to go with the ufos. The planet actually has 3 green men on top of it.

Here is another one. This one is quite colourful and that's about it. It's called Quite a Meeting. It did not turn out to be like I wanted it to be. I had problems with the lower part and I finally gave up and just made this pink growth. Well, I didn't have problems with just the lower part, I would say with all of it. I actually first painted something else under it and this one was done to cover it. (later the x-ray guys can see what the original painting looked like...).

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