All about energy

I made the base for this painting a long time ago. My first idea was to paint something very light and so the light blue and silver. But like with so many other my paintings, things didn't go like planned. I just didn't get the real inspiration for something light. This is what I ended up with. It's called "Energy!" and it's 40cm X 40cm.
My ufos are different in shape this time and that's because I got to see one of the so called Futuro houses and that inspired me to use them.


White and pink

I may have gone a little overboard with details this time. I really liked the idea of the TV-heads hanging from the tree and ufos appearing. The original idea was to have a white or golden tree with pink background and colorful ufos, but the plan changed while working on it. The painting is called "The Drop" (40cm X 60cm).


The one looking

I have been very busy lately doing other things, so I haven't had time to paint. But after recurring inquiries of whether I'm going to post something new anytime soon, I decided that it is time to please my few fans. I have a couple of paintings in the making, so maybe I'll get to post more than this one before the summer is over. This painting is called "The Big Boss Man" (40cm x 40cm). Again bad lighting, flash and my favorite gold paint makes things a little tricky. With this one I went through some olympic ideas, brain matter and ended up with this. It's a mixture of TV-head, ufo and fuzzy elements.


Golden tree plus colour

Here is a big planet tree painting "Tree of Life". I left it scruffy looking on purpose and selected a picture with emphasis on the gold. There are no ufos or TV-heads. The other one is a colourful "First of May" painting (50cm x 50cm).