Dog hating hot air balloons

When the air is clear and not too windy people like to take hot air balloon trips and enjoy the nice views. Well, what is nice for the people on the balloons is not good for my dog and the holder of the leash. My dog goes crazy when he sees hot air balloons in the sky. The dog just wants to go somewhere where he can't see the balloons. I googled the thing and found out that many animals don't like balloons because they make some kind of irritating ultrasound noises that humans can't hear. I don't know if it really is the ultrasound or not, but my dog hates them. And he is not usually too jumpy about things.

So the inspiration came from my dogs behavior. The dog is portrayed on the left side of the painting. I was surprised how well the dog turned out. I mean, it looks a little like a rat but at least it looks like an animal. That's something after all. First, I thought of painting the dog from the front but decided to settle with the sideprofile, because I thought it would be easier. The tittle is Aviation Divides Opinions.

I did most of the painting by using just fingers and a rag. I did use brushes while I was doing the finishing touches. I nearly left out my ufo and gold paint, but just nearly. It just wouldn't be the same without those two elements, don't you think?


Heat inspired

I have been having this plan of making a painting with just red and black with palm trees and water. Well, it didn't turn out just the way I planned colourwise but otherwise it has all the things I wanted. I don't usually do any sketching before hand, I just get the idea, maybe make a note of it on a piece of paper and later on start painting it. This time I decided to make this on a one go, so it's more "expressive".

The title is The Thing from Miami. It's funny how the red I used looks so orange. I think it's because of the other colours and how they work with the red. This time my ufo looks more spooky, with the lights off and all. It's actually more like a swamp-thing.