Ufo men

This painting started out with a blue ocean with a grey monolith and the sun. It was very boring, so I turned the painting on one side and changed the ocean into a water planet and the monolith into a ufo. Well, that too was just boring as you can see underneath. I didn't come up with anything that would make the painting work and that led to the decision to overpaint the whole thing.

In the new painting I continued my last theme by making some ufo men. I also used the old housing theme. There is no gold paint! I picked the mustard yellow because it's not the one you would normally pick as the main colour. I just wanted to see how I can make it work with the other colours. The painting is called "Meetings at the Hometown" (50cm X 50cm).


Pictures don't do justice

This one is called "The Merchants of the Space" (33cm X 24cm). The painting has quite dark colours and I had troubles taking the picture. The problem was the darkness and the cold paint combined with the uneven surface. The bumpy surface is due to the fact that there is another painting underneath and the first one had thick layers of paint. I think the underlying layers gives a nice extra for the painting.

I covered the original one with just a one layer of brown paint. The original painting was a painting by a horrible painter, not a bad painter. It was that bad. Believe me, this one is a lot better. I have a picture of the first one but I think I'll skip posting it.

I called the original one the merchants of the space eventhough it really had nothing to do with the merchants or the space. I did like the name though. So, when this one formed on the canvas I decided to keep the name. Again, I was using some red paint in another painting and just wanted to test the some extra paint on the canvas and I ended up with this.


Silver paint

I saw a picture in a magazine with a electric blue background and a man climbing out of a black hole. Combination of the blue and black hole was so interesting that I decided to use it in a painting. I also wanted use more of the beam theme and that is how I ended up making this painting called "Transportation" (46cm X 38cm). You really don't see the black holes because that idea didn't work that well and I changed them into these tubes. This ufo's window is different, more like the galactica type.

Underneath without the flash. Fuzzyness in the picture comes from the silver paint.


An old one

I painted this one a month or two ago and I was never happy about it. I quite liked the idea of making a flower with the hungry ufo bees. Well, the flower did not quite fulfill my expectations. I don't draw any outlines on the canvas before I paint and I was not thinking too much about the shape of the petals. I just tought they'll work out just fine, but they didn't. I guess the only reason why I didn't just overpaint it was the sky part. I liked the colour of the clouds. By the way the colours in the picture look a lot worse than they are in reality.

The other picture showes how the painting looked at some point. The whole yellow thing was a big mistake. The ufos were first white and I made then black afterwards. That is one reason why the ufos are even sloppyer than my normal ones.

I named the painting "Temptation", though I doubt it temps anyone. The painting is small 27cm X 22cm.



I have wanted to use some green colour for a while and so this time I went for it. The painting is called "The Thing" from Birch Forest. I don't know where the inspiration really came from. I have been spending some time at the summer house this summer and there you can see birches, so maybe the time in the forest has done it's work.

The painting is one of the biggest I have done so far (61cm X 50cm). Maybe the mushrooms were little too much but I have wanted paint them. I actually painted some mushrooms to one of my earlier paintings but I eventually overpainted them.


Water theme again

I was visiting an younger colleague and we had some time to paint together. I was just painting for the company so I didn't really think too much about the theme and this is what I made. It's called "At Swimming" and it has all the familiar features. The painting is very small, 20cm X 20cm.

Under my painting is the painting that my younger colleague made and allowed me to publish. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the painting.