Cones are cool

This one was inspired by my friends who were moving to a new place. The new area has a word "cone" in it's name. The painting has the earth, the cone on top of it and then the new house. On top of the building is the green alien guy with the orange dressed afro man. Orange dressed man was inspired by a guru man on a sticker that I gave to my friends. I was first thinking of painting my friends also on top of the building with the alien and the afro man, but then I was thinking that it would be too crowded on the roof. Instead I painted some figures watching out of the windows.

The building is really badly done, but I got bored of trying to make it right. At least the building is somehow recognizable. I like the blue colour and I had to buy gold paint for the ufos.

I gave the painting to my friends as a house warming gift and they commented: "after painting all the walls white, we were thinking of leaving the walls into this zen-style minimalism". But they both liked the picture book that I also gave to them.

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