Surprise, surprise

I'm just about to give this painting to friends of mine as a house warming gift, again (a great way of finding these painting a new home).

The name of this one is something like A Meeting/Seizure Outside of Town. The colours selected are some of my friends favourites and they themselfs are also included in the painting. They are the couple emerging from the big doorway with the golden rays. The big, black thing is NOT a hill, a mountain or a tomb, like some people have guessed before. It's a ufo, of course.

The red things in front of the ufo are not flowers, like some people might first think. They are the local people (red men with dots on their backs) who have come to witness this great miracle of two humans. You can decide if the red heeled lady is having a fit or just greeting the locals.


  1. This one is really cool! Your pals are lucky! I'm serious here, I love it. Thanks for posting it!


  2. Don't you worry. As a long lasting or the oldest fan (RuPaul & Star Trek)you are entitled of getting one too.