Inspiration from Guatemala

Just about a month ago there were news about a huge sinkhole in Guatemala. You can see some pictures behind this link


Very strange looking thing indeed. How did this sinkihole originate? Well, the scientists are not sure. That leaves some space for speculation and inspiration. Here is my impression. The painting is called The Meeting/Seizure at Sao Paolo (Reprise of Guatemala). The part of Sao Paolo came from the recollection how the buildings looked when seen from the window of an airplane. Gold and silver paint worked well with the thrusters/beam/ray.


  1. Lovely colours! The story behind your painting is intresting. Do you remember the TV-series V? The green slimy lizardmen/aliens drag people to holes underground. But these holes were much smaller than the sinkhole in Guatemala.

  2. Thank you. I do remember the TV-series V but unfortunately it was a long time since I watched that show, so I don't recall those holes. Maybe I should watch it again. For this painting the inspiration came from the those strange looking pictures from Guatemala combined with some colourful Latin American buildings.