Something traditional

Here is something more traditional Bad Painter style. Just plain ufos and even without the windows. I have had a few ideas with a Texas theme for some time now, because I like the combination of heat, sand and some cactuses, with ufos of course. This is not either of those ideas, but it has a kind of Texas theme. I named the painting "Headed for Marfa" (30 cm x 30 cm). Marfa is located in Texas and is known for it's strange lights that has been seen there since the 1950's.


Summer and yellow

My idea was to make a light coloured painting by using mainly grey, white and beige and lots of TV-heads. The result is this. I don't even like yellow and I still keep on using it in some form quite often. I don't know why, maybe the summer heat is making me select sunny colours.

The painting is 80 cm X 50 cm sizewise and it's called "Gran Turismo - The Golden Years". It looks a bit like the earlier one with the pyramides.


Biggest TV-head ever

It's bigger and whiter than ever.
This is my biggest TV-head so far. Maybe the contrast between the white and the rest is too much, I don't know. The picture looks WAY TOO dark compared with the real thing, because the photo was taken during a bad light. Sorry about that.

It's called "Gran Turismo: Space Mangroves". It might be one of my new Gran Turismo-series, (if there will be a series called like that). The size is on the bigger scale (60 cm X 80 cm).

I made the background for this one months ago. It was just bright red with something boring in the middle. I don't even remember what the first thought was all about. Then today I decided to paint something and I was too lazy to start a brand new painting so I ended up continuing with this one. I used a plastic glove at first and then continued with the paint brushes. I don't know if the dripping effect is too artsy but I managed to make it without greating a huge mess so I'm happy about it.


Another meeting

The painting is called "The Meeting on the Road". Painting is on the bigger side with 60 cm X 80 cm, if I remember correctly. With the yellowish colour and the building theme, this painting is quite similar with the one of my earliest TV-head paintings. The resemblance is deliberate.

I have been planning on making something with the road theme for a while and I finally ended up finishing something. It was surprisingly hard to paint not just one but three small ufos. Miniature painting is not for me. The bigger is better.


Green men

The painting is called "Kinder" and it's a small one, 25 cm X 25 cm. In this one the main thing was to test different ways of making backgrounds. The colours look quite different in reality.


A pyramid painting

The painting is called "The Tourists" and it's a 36cm X 46cm, so not very big. I'm wondering if I should have made it a lot bigger. That way it would have been more impressive.

I made a small sketch for this one already in January. It actually turned out just the way I planned and I got to use my pyramid theme once again.


How the cities are built

So, now you know how they build their cities in the TV-headland. I named this painting "The Newcomers". The painting is a big one by my standards, 60 cm X 80 cm.

I started out with the green (a long time ago) and wanted to make a jungle painting, which I've been meaning to make for some time now, but well, it didn't happen this time. Maybe next time.

This time I didn't have any special inspiration, I just proceeded little by little. First I decided to make some of my elaborate buildings. Then I made the smaller cities and added the ufos. I think the ufos could pop up better from the background. They are too dark for the dark green and they look even darker in the picture than in reality.

Then the thing needed some TV-heads. The two were obviously not enough for me, because the white lines heading towards the cities are also small TV-heads (it might not come across well from the picture).


Winter break is over!

There has been a quite a long break since I posted my last painting. I blame the winter. I mean, who gets inspired by the coldness and darkness. No me. From now on there will be new paintings more often. I actually have many of them in the production line waiting to be finished.

This one started out with the intention of making something with just black, white and grey. As you can see the result is not very black and white. The grey balls were in a way inspired by the big earthquake in Japan. I saw on TV how an oil refinery was blazing with an uncontrollable fire. The refinery had these huge ball shaped storage tanks. The fire depatments trucks looked miniature compared to the oil tanks.
You see the unbelievable pictures of that blaze from this link.

Link for a video

The painting is called "The Meeting at the Spheres" (40cm X 40cm).