Becoming a bad painter

Everything started with the sale. Art supplies were on sale and I decided that it was finally the perfect time to let the little painter in me to flourish. Many will suffer because of that sale.

My first real inspiration came with the Islandic volcano eruption. The whole Europe was halted by it, so why not make a painting about it. What would be easier to paint than a volcano? But volcano just itself was boring, so I needed something else and so I came up with the great idea of painting some 1950's style ufos with the volcano. I mean, who doesn't like ufos? And they are really easy to paint.

My first master piece is called The Meeting/Seizure of Katla. Katla is the name of the Islandic volcano that has not erupted, yet. Painting is very small, about 20 cm X 20 cm. Just to make it clear, the little light green dots on the right lower part are the little green men and the orange/white dot the local earth man.


  1. I want this one!!! UFOs on fire, what's not to like?!

  2. It's yours!
    It's quite small too...