Ufo men

This painting started out with a blue ocean with a grey monolith and the sun. It was very boring, so I turned the painting on one side and changed the ocean into a water planet and the monolith into a ufo. Well, that too was just boring as you can see underneath. I didn't come up with anything that would make the painting work and that led to the decision to overpaint the whole thing.

In the new painting I continued my last theme by making some ufo men. I also used the old housing theme. There is no gold paint! I picked the mustard yellow because it's not the one you would normally pick as the main colour. I just wanted to see how I can make it work with the other colours. The painting is called "Meetings at the Hometown" (50cm X 50cm).


  1. Love the colors!

  2. Again the colors look quite different in a normal light. The white TV-heads are not white as they seem to be but light blue/grey. Maybe white would have looked actually better but I just bought this light blue and wanted to mix that in. Part of the inspiration for this one came from the latest (August 2010) cover of Wired magazine with a actor Will Ferrell dressed in a white jumpsuit. I just happened walk by the magazines, saw the cover and that image emerged into my mind while I was thinking what to do with the mustard color.