"Ufofest" is the name of my latest very colorful TV-head painting (40cm X 20cm). This one has been in the making for months and I nearly overpainted it more than once. The painting started out with the idea of filling the whole canvas with colorful ufos. The ufos turned out to be way too small (again) compared to my plan but I still kept making them with some leftover paints. Then once I accidentally dropped some red paint on the canvas. That incident ruined the whole thing, so I tossed some more red paint on it just for fun of it. I intended to overpaint it, but then decided to try how it would look as a background for my TV-headed ufomen. I kind of like the end result but I have received some comments of the blood weeping ufos being scary looking.

Next time there will be no TV-heads, I promise.

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