An old one

I painted this one a month or two ago and I was never happy about it. I quite liked the idea of making a flower with the hungry ufo bees. Well, the flower did not quite fulfill my expectations. I don't draw any outlines on the canvas before I paint and I was not thinking too much about the shape of the petals. I just tought they'll work out just fine, but they didn't. I guess the only reason why I didn't just overpaint it was the sky part. I liked the colour of the clouds. By the way the colours in the picture look a lot worse than they are in reality.

The other picture showes how the painting looked at some point. The whole yellow thing was a big mistake. The ufos were first white and I made then black afterwards. That is one reason why the ufos are even sloppyer than my normal ones.

I named the painting "Temptation", though I doubt it temps anyone. The painting is small 27cm X 22cm.

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