Pictures don't do justice

This one is called "The Merchants of the Space" (33cm X 24cm). The painting has quite dark colours and I had troubles taking the picture. The problem was the darkness and the cold paint combined with the uneven surface. The bumpy surface is due to the fact that there is another painting underneath and the first one had thick layers of paint. I think the underlying layers gives a nice extra for the painting.

I covered the original one with just a one layer of brown paint. The original painting was a painting by a horrible painter, not a bad painter. It was that bad. Believe me, this one is a lot better. I have a picture of the first one but I think I'll skip posting it.

I called the original one the merchants of the space eventhough it really had nothing to do with the merchants or the space. I did like the name though. So, when this one formed on the canvas I decided to keep the name. Again, I was using some red paint in another painting and just wanted to test the some extra paint on the canvas and I ended up with this.

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