Biggest TV-head ever

It's bigger and whiter than ever.
This is my biggest TV-head so far. Maybe the contrast between the white and the rest is too much, I don't know. The picture looks WAY TOO dark compared with the real thing, because the photo was taken during a bad light. Sorry about that.

It's called "Gran Turismo: Space Mangroves". It might be one of my new Gran Turismo-series, (if there will be a series called like that). The size is on the bigger scale (60 cm X 80 cm).

I made the background for this one months ago. It was just bright red with something boring in the middle. I don't even remember what the first thought was all about. Then today I decided to paint something and I was too lazy to start a brand new painting so I ended up continuing with this one. I used a plastic glove at first and then continued with the paint brushes. I don't know if the dripping effect is too artsy but I managed to make it without greating a huge mess so I'm happy about it.

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