How the cities are built

So, now you know how they build their cities in the TV-headland. I named this painting "The Newcomers". The painting is a big one by my standards, 60 cm X 80 cm.

I started out with the green (a long time ago) and wanted to make a jungle painting, which I've been meaning to make for some time now, but well, it didn't happen this time. Maybe next time.

This time I didn't have any special inspiration, I just proceeded little by little. First I decided to make some of my elaborate buildings. Then I made the smaller cities and added the ufos. I think the ufos could pop up better from the background. They are too dark for the dark green and they look even darker in the picture than in reality.

Then the thing needed some TV-heads. The two were obviously not enough for me, because the white lines heading towards the cities are also small TV-heads (it might not come across well from the picture).

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