Palm tree

Once again this painting started out as something entirely different. I had a red and yellow background with two to three black figures, but no real idea. Then one part went just wrong and I ended up playing with my paints. After adding some green paint I decided to make a palm tree, because have been thinking about palm trees, white sand, sun and blue ocean for months now.
Painting is called "Uranian Jungle" and it's quite large, maybe 60cm X 80cm. I added few ufos with gold paint but you can see them only with right lighting. They are visible in this picture. Maybe the ufos were too much, but I just couldn't left them out.
This year seems to start better than the last year, because I have all ready finished two paintings. I'll be posting the next one soon. It also has a nature theme, but it's not as colorful and the style is different.

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