Lush Urania

I'm posting today two paintings at the same time. My diligence seems to be paying off. I consider this a good start for the year 2013 and I'm pretty sure to beat last years miserable number (only four paintings). I actually have few more paintings in the making.
The green painting is "Uranian Hanging Garden" (40cm X 40cm). I really liked how the lower part worked out, even though the dark purple dried up to almost brown. I'm not as happy with the upper part and I'm still considering the possibility of overpainting it. I like the electric blue but the execution and the idea is not quite right with the lower part. I think the problem is with the "painting technique".
The brown painting is "Uranian Mushrooms" (50cm x 60cm). I decided to use just really simple colors and especially brown, which is not one of my favorites in painting. I have painted some small mushrooms before and played with a few mushroom inspired ideas. This painting was not a result of those ideas.
For the mushrooms I used only brown, black and white. The small ones were especially fun to make. The ufos are there of course and they are painted with quite light pastel colors.

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